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See the complete overhaul of a 1987 Carrera motor:

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READ >> THIS STORY: Written by customer Gerard Vaglio.

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Hi Tom,

Just wanted to say many thanks for the good work and late day you put in here today in this crap Cali weather. Very much appreciated. After Cub Scouts I went for a squirt in the pissing rain in the dark. Lots of fun. Big difference in the drive.

Thanks again. You are one of a kind, and see ya Wednesday! :)



sorted-74-911.png (766112 bytes)Hi Tom,

I just wanted to thank you – thank you – thank you!!!

The drive home from your shop was a pure Porsche pleasure! When you repaired the entire shift linkage assembly (transmission shim to shifter adjustment) it made all the difference. I went from having to concentrate on shifting carefully to not even giving it a thought. It shifts like butter. I mean it’s so easy I am kicking myself for not having you fix it sooner. You’re awesome. You know air-cooled 911s like I know computers, maybe even more.

It’s a rare pleasure to watch you work. You have the confidence of a renown surgeon – methodically and skillfully sorting Porsches to their correct operation with masterful patience – A truly awesome thing to witness.

My 74 911 has never been more fun to drive.

BRAVO my good friend, Bravo.




I was glad to hear you were in your new home and location as I knew that was the plan when I picked up my ‘79 911 earlier this year. I really enjoyed the e –card … but I was hoping I would also receive your new address and contact information to update my address file -- but then it occurred to me you use your web site rather than a fixed address.

Coincidently, I was thinking of you today as I took my car in for a valve adjustment and fluid change at the 6000 mile mark (like you told me). The shop asked how the car has been running (Dieter’s in San Diego who have been servicing my car since I purchased in in 1983 -- and who were disappointed I went elsewhere for the overhaul).

I was quick to explain how pleased I was with the car’s rock solid performance as if it had just rolled off the assembly line in Munich. (Perhaps better as I really like the throaty bass of the exhaust system). I commented that I was very pleased with my decision to have the car overhauled. What I did not say (because of the politics involved) was the best decision was shopping around the State until I found you. It was a gutsy move on my part to send my car and money without ever meeting you. But my instincts proved correct. You are not only on top of your game as a Porsche specialist but also proved to be a honest straight shooter that told me exactly what you were going to do, the price you would charge, and delivered as represented. I could not be happier with the car and fully expect it to run for many thousands of miles. To state the obvious, I would recommend you to anyone so please feel free to use my name and quote any part of this email as you see fit.

Best wishes to you and Lolita in both your professional endeavors and personal lives…

Ron Noya

 A recent happy customer produced
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Time for some fun!

Garage_Queen_NOT 16.jpg (209114 bytes)


Thanks for all your great work on this motor. It's part of my new project that is really shaping up to be a beauty! You're the one I know I can trust for this project and the motor going into the car. This last weekend was sure neat. You're expertise is hard to come by. The motor sure looks great. After having you put all the tough parts together, I feel confident I can put the rest together. I'll have you back just as soon as I can to finish the tuning and make it road worthy!!

You're the best!!
Here are some photos for your site.

UPDATED: Pictures of almost finished project.

More? www.74911RS.com 

MOTOR: (wow! Thanks Tom!)

Motor-final-assmebly0718097.jpg (705100 bytes)

CAR: Alignment...

G12Align 1 (1).jpg (125215 bytes)


This is my second 3.0 Liter, but this one is upgraded thanks to a few good parts you help me match up. The 9.3 Pistons and 964 Cams will add quite a bit to this car. Not to mention the 74 style tranny, and headers. I can't imagine how cool it will be to drive this car, but I know it'll be awesome.

Thanks so much, Nathan - Roseville, CA

Project from humble beginnings...

Paint does make it better...

but Motor makes it fantastic!



My 1978 SC 3.0 Liter has never been healthier!

Once again, I am astonished with the way my Porsche continues to improve with age. We just added an MSD 6AL ignition module and a Blaster 2 Coil. It was worth every penny. Wow. It was as you said it would be. Smoother acceleration, just all around better and quicker. I'll keep track of the mileage to see how fuel economy improves, and report back soon. The ticker now read 323,650 miles (yes, on the original bottom end...) and it drives better than ever before. What more could a guy want? Not a whole lot, not a whole lot!


The gorgeous install of today's visit:

1978SC-w-6AL.jpg (225801 bytes)



Thanks for the fine work on my Porsche. Looking forward to seeing you in the future.


Three pics of today's visit!

Picture1_(1).jpg (803008 bytes)

Picture2_(2).jpg (1633108 bytes)

Picture3_(2).jpg (403064 bytes)


Tom is the best, wonderful to work with. Anyone in the bay area thinking of working with him won't be disappointed. He even lets you watch if you want, it doesn't get any better.

gerard vaglio

... the amount of equipment and stuff he crams into that yukon is staggering.

lucky man, loves his job. he IS good.
1981 white 911SC coupe.

How long has he been working on Porsches?

A looooonnnnngggg time !!!

Seriously, you won't get anyone better period.

The fact that you can do some prep/finish work yourself (read save $$$) and ask questions and it's pretty much a no brainer.

I have used Tom ... he's very good.

1987 Guards Red Targa

Tom stopped by this afternoon to take care of some maintenance on my 87 Targa. Here's what he did;

Replaced\repacked all 4 rubber CV boots and inspected joints.

Tightened V Belt

Repaired the cracked rubber hose on the "pipeline"

Replaced motor mounts

E-Brake Pads clean up and adjustment

And the one I noticed most after a test drive...

Throttle linkage adjustment! Like many others on this board, I was not getting full throttle.

I swear, every time
Tom works on my car, I get some ponies back.

Next up, goodbye 6s, hello 7s and 9s, and then
Tom will lower my 4x4!

Once again,
Tom is fantastic. He allowed me to watch him work on my car and I learned a little bit about CV joints and throttle linkage today.

If you're in the Bay Area and need work done on your 911, give him a ring.


, the Blue Angels flew over right after you left.
87 Targa - L35Y

What can I say, did I ever think I would have a mechanic come to my house to work on my Carrera? Never considered it until a few weeks ago while digging through this forum looking for someone to baseline my newly purchased 1987 911 Targa. After reading post after post about the great work that Tom Amon does, I figured I give him a shot. Well, here I am adding another POSITIVE post about this guy and his work. I could go on and on... He's friendly, keeps the work area CLEAN, does not mind if you hang back and watch him work his magic on your Porsche, and answered all my questions (silly as some may have been). Did I mention he was friendly! If you have an 89 or earlier 911 and you're looking for someone you TRUST to work on it, then Tom Amon is the guy.

My Carrera is purring at idle and growling when you get on it! It’s running so smooth right now I can't believe it. I have been driving her for 3 weeks and she is alive now. I couldn't be happier with the work and the price. When he was ready to split, he asked me to take her for a drive while he waited in his truck in front of my house. He wanted to make sure there was a smile on my face before he left, and guess what, I was grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Next up, CV boots and drop it a bit. 26” from the ground to lip of fender all the way around. Need to bring her down a bit. I will be calling Mobile Works West to take care of this…


Covers a good portion of the Bay Area in CA.

Thanks again Tom! Nice to meet you! Sorry about all the trains and planes!
87 Targa - L35Y

Tom Amon is the way to go. He just put my motor back in and got my car running, he great to work with and knows his stuff.
Jay - '72 911 T

There is ... Mobile Works West servicing the bay area.
Tom Amon with reasonable rates. I would never take an older Porsche to a dealer with those two on the prowl.

Gawd forbid an honest, competent mechanic in the So Cal area take a page out of Tom's book. They'd be busy as a one legged man in an a$$ kicking contest.

87 911 Factory Turbo-Look Cab

I went to the Parts Heaven swap meet on Sunday and enjoyed a leisurely stroll, sipping coffee, gazing at all the hardware.

I saw Tom Amon of Mobile Works West, and we exchanged some light conversation.

While on the topic of P-cars, I asked Tom about a noise my front suspension seemed to be making.

On a Sunday, Tom asked me to bring the car around so we could take a quick drive. One drive down the street, and Tom suggested something possibly going on with the front strut.

Bottom line: Tom took time to help a customer free of charge on a Sunday. After discovering a loose strut cap, I ran back to the swap meet to slap Tom with a $20. He wouldn't hear of it!
Again, I am extremely happy with Tom's professionalism, experience, expertise, and willingness to help a guy out.

For those who are not familiar, Tom has a mobile Porsche shop on wheels and can perform many tasks on the spot.
BTW, his pricing is excellent!
Ph: 408-429-0545
Mobile Works West

JUNE - 2007 After re-installing my motor, I couldn't get my 1978 911 SC (pictured below) running well enough to even get it to the shop. It was barely idling, backfiring and sounded horrible. I was really concerned. After calling Mobile Works West and setting up an appointment Tom assured me - he'd probably only need a few hours with it to get it back in running order - so I had some hope that perhaps it could be fixed.

Tom drove all the way from Campbell to where I live in Roseville. (150 miles) The amazing thing was: even with the extra cost of the travel fee, it cost me FAR less than I was expecting. It was literally just few hours, and my pride and joy was purring like a well tuned German machine. Beats the heck out of the alternatives! No more shops for me!     more...


Even more amazing: I knew that by the way it sounded, I could expect it to run without any worries - so much so, that I literally got in, drove it 150 miles to San Jose, met a customer, drove all the way home and it never missed a beat. Now that is confidence in the mechanic. It was a terrific thrill to be able to drive it that distance and experience the car in fine form. It's now running the best it has in the entire 7 years I have owned the car.

Thank you Tom, you're the best.

Roseville, CA

P,S, The odometer now reads over 326,000 and it's still running strong on the original bottom end. These Porsche's are truly AMAZING!

Update: Sold in 2007 to a buyer in the homeland... (Germany) So long... 78!





Sr. Mechanic, Porsche Repair Specialist

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